An Unexpected Source of Advice

I had an idea for a post on travel/holiday planning as everyone takes their own approach: some don’t do any and others could enter quiz shows as a result of their new found specialist knowledge.

My idea was to share some links to useful sites, highlight some newspapers that have very good travel sections and extol the virtues of virtual discussion groups. To be fair, I think it’s an idea that needs some work.

Today I went along to a physiotherapy appointment, as part of the aftercare following major surgery a couple of weeks ago.

While she had me working through various strengthening exercises, Sarah the physio was making polite small talk: “Have you just come from work? Busy day? Have you booked any holidays?”

“Well actually,” I said. “I’ve just quit my job to go travelling.”

“Really! That’s so exciting. Are you going to Myanmar?” (A very specific question compared to the usual ‘where are you going?’ I was a little surprised).

By coincidence, yes I am. (I really should post my itinerary).

“My sister lives in Yangon. I’ll give you some tips,” she said.

So, I’ve returned from the hospital with a sheet of paper with my continuing recovery exercises written on one side and tips for Yangon (‘breakfast at the Governor’s Residence and see if you can have a dip in the pool’s and 19th Street), Bagan (‘hire a bike, but be careful in the heat’) and Inle Lake (trek) on the other.


I have a collection of Notes on my phone as a result of conversations with people sharing tips about places to visit. Some of these aren’t even on my plan for this trip but I love getting ideas from people about where to go and what to see.

Travel connects people: just talking about it, offering advice, sharing ideas.

  • The picture included shows my legs, post surgery in very fetching green compression stockings wrapped in pneumatic compression pumps to prevent DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). A friend has suggested taking the stockings with me on the Trans Siberian Express as one of the journeys will be take over 48hours. Not a bad idea, I think.
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