Day 27: Around the world in 80 cakes #3 Ulaanbaatar

It has been a while, cake-fans, but today’s venue for afternoon tea was the Shangri-La Hotel in Ulaanbaatar.

The hotel is stunning. Marble floors, crystal chandeliers – it’s beautiful… but what we’re here for is the afternoon tea.

Having arrived at 2pm and had the teapot refilled, it was almost 3pm when the food actually appeared.

I had wondered if there had been a communication glitch as the waitress initially asked me if I wanted it to take away.

I clarified that I was hoping for afternoon tea as a meal rather than only a cup of tea.

After 40 minutes a senior member of staff arrived at my table to explain that the chefs were very busy.

I could understand that, maybe, if I had just walked in to ask for afternoon tea there and then, but I reserved this in August… and the hotel advertises its afternoon tea as being served between 2pm and 5pm.

The food arrived and it looked beautiful.

Without a menu, it was guesswork on what I was eating so some of these descriptions may miss some of the detail.

Savoury platter…left to right: chicken in a creamy sauce on toasted bread with finely sliced cucumber pressed into the top slice; salmon (in rather dry bread) and a ‘dollop’ of caviar; a slab, yes, a slab of cucumber topped with tuna-mayonaise and caviar; egg and tomatoes mayonnaise sandwiches.
In place of the scones, slices of… ehat I can only describe as a tea bread without the fruit. Delicious and the fruit jam… cowberries, perhaps was lovely.
Cake platter… left to right: a cream eclair; a bland cheesecake on a soggy sponge; macaroon; soggy biscuit with some type of cream and fruit topping and a fruit mousse on another soggy base.

To be honest, I was not overly impressed with the cakes. They all tasted the same.

The savoury platter was very good but my favourite was the scones replacement – the tea bread.

So much for the cardinal rule of “don’t mess with the scones”… although actually, replacing the scones isn’t actually breaking the cardinal rule, is it?

The best bit

Of course, I should have known I was tempting fate by wearing a pale blue dress. I took a bite of the bread and dropped berries over myself.

I’m worse than a toddler.

Despite the delay in service, the first two ‘courses’ of the afternoon tea were lovely and at the princely sum of £15, it was a bargain.

*Featured Photo: Afternoon Tea

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  1. it looks lovely though.


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