Tech Battles in Guilin: The Great Firewall of China

With less than a week to go until my month VPan package expires, the previously reliable Express VPN appears to have ceased functioning.

Because China blocks internet access to sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google (which are the key means I am using to keep in touch with people), you need to use a Virtual Private Network here.

The VPN essentially circumnavigates China’s Firewall and allows you to access the sites that would otherwise be blocked. Fantastic.

There are several available but I’m using, or currently trying to use Express VPN.

It has been extremely reliable for the last three weeks but, and it couldn’t possibly be connected could it, with less than one week’s paid for service left, Express VPN has become problematic.

Is the provider trying to compel me to buy another month’s (preferably a year’s) service? I’m still awaiting tech support after submitting a request almost eight hours ago.

In researching VPNs, I have read similar comments about stoppages in service before the contract ends. I thought that was farfetched.

Now, I’m wondering.

If that is the case, it is really poor service and somewhat contravenes the trading description. I paid the stated price for four weeks’ service. I don’t expect to receive only three weeks’.

Yes, I am posting this to have a moan and also, to let friends and family (who might be wondering why I haven’t responded to Messenger) know why.

EDIT: And, lo, we are back in business. I may complain but I will always update when the problem is resolved.

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  1. Absolutely love the blog heading Fiona 😂 Thank you for filling my dreary British autumn with your wonderful writing.

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