Day 71: Return to the tailor of Hoi An

Anna asked me to return to her shop, 24 hours after ordering the dresses and an ao dai, for fitting.

When I arrived, her son carefully directed me up the street to the new premises where Anna and her team were setting up the shop with beautiful new fabrics and lacquer art objects too.

The two red and green shift dresses were hanging up waiting for me.

This picture doesn’t do justice to either the cut of the dresses or the vivid colours.

Anna asked me to try them on while we waited for the delivery of the ao dai, via moped courier.

They were perfect and the finish was excellent.

The ao dai arrived…

I needed a little help in fastening the studs that opened and closed the garment from the neck, across the edge of my chest to under my arm.

I should be able to cope when I get back to England… I think.

Taking Anna’s advice on the colour of the fabric for the matching trousers had definitely paid off.

However, they were a little tight across the thighs and my imagination kicked into action with a range of situations where I would hear the fabric shriek as it ripped open where I sat down.

Anna agreed and a couple of alterations were going to be no problem with the final outfit ready the day after.

As we agreed this, my eye fell on a dress made it out of beautiful silk… “Annaaaaaaa, do you suppose you could make me another dress out of this, please?”

That’s the only trouble with being in a tailor’s shop where the most beautiful fabrics are available. Oh, well. Such is life.

I returned again, the following day.

Anna and her team were putting the final touches on the shop. It was looking incredible and the lacquer work should really get a mention here too, as there are some lovely pieces.

Anna was unnecessarily embarrassed that the dress and trousers were not waiting for me. Tha ks to magic of moped riders, they arrived very quickly.

The trousers would not be creating any ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ for me.

Anna wasn’t absolutely happy with the dress and sent it back for some alterations.

The three dresses, the ao dai and the silk painting I bought on the way to Ha Long Bay are ow being marvelled up (once the final dress has been altered) and sent back to the UK.

For a grand total of £155 plus shipping (with insurance) of approximately £45 I have four beautifully tailored outfits. I couldn’t buy the same quality in pre-made dresses in the UK.

The care and attention to detail was impressive and Anna is such a friendly woman that doing business with her is fun. I have never bought personally tailored clothes before and Anna made this a real pleasure.

Go and see her if you’re in Hoi An… 311 Nguyen Duy Hieu Street, Hoi An.

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