Around the World in 80 Cakes: Vietnamese Variety

As we approach the end of month three and I head to my next destination, it’s time for a look back at the cakes I have known and loved in Vietnam.

I had high hopes on arriving here and, let me tell you… I was not disappointed. So without further ado.

Chocolate Ganache, Hanoi

On a cake base, with layered mousse and truffle, beneath a seam of raspberry jelly, topped with dark chocolate ganache, this was a slice of a geology diagram in cake form.

The freeze dried raspberries, rather than fresh, were a little disappointing but overall very delicious.

Silk Path Patisserie by Hoan Kiem Lake
Verdict: 8/10

Custard Dessert with a Slice of Cake, Ha Long Bay

This was one that did what it said on the tin…it was custard with a tiny piece of victoria sponge on the side. I do love custard and I admired the attempt to combine my two loves into one dessert.

Renea Cruises, Verdict 9/10

Raisin Danish, somewhere around Hue on the Lamans Express

I shouldn’t really turn my nose up at free cake but I am about to, sort of. The syrupy glaze was a little too sugary sweet, overwhelming the raisins and the pastry spiral started to unravel as I ate it.

Lamans Express Verdict 6/10

Banana Bread with Vietnamese Jam, Hoi An

I thought I was about to be served, by Vietnam charging standards, an overpriced two slices of banana bread… this could have fed two people. I valiantly ate my way to completion.

Banana bread is in my top ten of cakes but I could barely taste the fruit in this. It’s possible that the ginger and orange hot chocolate I was drink overwhelmed the flavour.

Cocobox, on a number of streets, Hoi An Verdict 6/10

Triple Choice, Da Lat

I was lured in, lured I tell you, to a chocolate tasting while visiting Da Lat Railway Station. The chocolate at the aptly named The Choco is all handmade.

It’s a soft chocolate, rather like a soft fudge, and tastes utterly delicious.

But this is about cake and the Choco makes sublime cakes. They are served in batches of three so I went with lychee mousse, raspberry mousse and chocolate mousse.

All three were served on a light chocolate sponge base – delicious and highly chocolatey. The lychee was probably a little bland for my taste while the raspberry was delightfully sharp and the chocolate as good as the handmade chocs.

The Choco, Da Lat Verdict: 10/10

Chocolate Pearl, Nha Trang

Highlands Coffee is Vietnam’s answer to a well known Seattle-based coffee chain. It seemed rude to leave the Highlands without visiting a branch and the Pearl caught my eye.

Was it going to be like a Tunnocks Teacake?

Nope. It was filled with milk and white chocolate mousse. Really quite tasty.

Highlands Coffee, Nha Trang Verdict: 8/10

That concludes this month’s round up of cakes, which may seem like a reduced number in comparison with previous months. I’ve been distracted by coffee.

Special mention has to go to…

Egg Coffee, everywhere in Vietnam

This is the best coffee ever. Originally, egg coffee came about as a result of dairy shortages during the Vietnam (American) War. What to pu in your coffee if you don’t like drinking it black.

A beaten egg was the solution.

The heat of the coffee turns it to a custard texture. Many places today add condensed milk to the egg to thicken that custard texture.

And another special mention has to go to this… Coconut Custard Iced Coffee which is a speciality of The Joy Cafe in Da Nang… layers of coconut milk, coffee and custard, over ice.

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried this

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  1. Wow, what a great selection. I think hot chocolate does kill the flavour of everything else. Best eat the dessert first then drink the chocolate. I suddenly really want a dessert.


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