Day 89: When you have food cravings…

Tomorrow’s activity has been suggested by the owner of Columbus Coffee where I had stopped for lunch after arriving into Auckland today.

The food in Vietnam was amazing and the food in Southern China was as spicy as I like it.

However, after three months on the road (and with the exception of pizza on three occasions) I have mostly maintained my travel rule about eating local food… and I really didn’t want noodles or dumplings.

This craving grew from around lunchtime yesterday when I had cheese on toast at Changi Airport.

Sometimes, you just want to taste something that reminds you of home, wherever home is.

I can’t remember what menu item had initially caught my eye when I walked into the cafe because I was instantly distracted by what was on offer at the counter.

The man serving was very patient as I struggled to make my final decision. I eventually settled for this…

Berry franginpane with yoghurt

… though with the choice of quiches, salads and cakes on offer, it was a tough call.

And it all tasted great.

The wedge of macaroni cheese, yes many people would prefer it in a more liquid sauce, was stacked with taste and vegetables.

I also prefer a macaroni cheese spiced up with more flavourss than just cheese and pasta.

This had fresh tomatoes, broccoli, corn and mushrooms and the salad was a nice contrast.

Greg the owner came to talk to me and on hearing that I am visiting made a few museum recommendations for tomorrow. (Always useful).

He also asked how I was enjoying the food.

“It’s great,” I said. “Is the cheese sauce made with cream?”

He and his wife were delighted that I had spotted this because “the chef says it makes the sauce fluffier and more full of flavour.”

Is the food made locally, I asked?

“Yes, on site, fresh every morning.”

I have been spoiled in Vietnam with food made with fresh ingredients in front of you. This was great to hear.

As we chatted about sights in Auckland, news from the UK and local characters with great stories to tell, I continued eating.

Hearing about the place you’re visiting is important but I had a cake to eat.

The frangipane melted in my mouth.

The pasta, with the cake and a large cappuccino cost 21 NZD which, after looking in the windows and reading the menu of some of the other nearby cafes, struck me as quite a bargain.

I could explore other cafes and venues but I might go back to Columbus for breakfast tomorrow… or lunch… or afternoon cake.

All of the food looked very tempting and great to eat in a friendly cafe.

*Featured Photo: A large cappuccino, no skimping on the chocolate.

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