Possible Suspension of Service… just for a few days

I’m off to Uluru today and return to Alice Springs overnight on the 10th before setting off on a three day trip up to Darwin.

Signal may be glitchy, battery life may be unreliable.

The most worrying thing is the mention of camping. Camping. Camping?

I’m keen on the type of camping that involves solid walls, a roof and a bed.

I only camp once a year and that’s to go to Glastonbury (music festival) and I pay some kind soul to put my tent up for me.

Apparently for this trip I’ve got the upgrade for a tent. That’s right, folks… a tent is an upgrade. If I hadn’t paid the upgrade I’d be in a swag… a sort of glorified sleeping bag tent in one.

Camping… alcohol must have been involved when I booked this element of the trip. I don’t see how I would have otherwise willingly signed up for this style of trip.

A glass of wine and I will have thought: “Oh, that sounds exciting.”

I’m sure it’ll be fine.

*Featured Photo… Outback scenery. Uluru photos to follow.

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  1. You’re a strong woman Fiona, I suspect you’ll survive. But it might be worth having another drink just in case 😜

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