Day 174: Supertrees in Singapore

I finally left the hotel today.

Not only was I checking out, I actually left the building to see some of the city – I had been in Singapore over 24hours at this point…I just wanted to get my money’s worth.

So after another excellent breakfast, I said goodbye to Emelyne and checked out. It wasn’t like checking out in hostels – a porter came to collect my luggage from my room.

(My latest accommodation is a little different – TV in the bunk but no light in the dormitory. “We have a portable light that you can borrow,” said the receptionist.

I’ve got a head torch. I just hadn’t expected to need it after the Aussie camping trip, largely because I hadn’t needed it before

Oh, and there’s a pair of flipflops, shared flipflopsfor everyone to use when using the bathroom. No verruca anxiety there, honest).

Singapore is a beautiful city to stroll around but there was barely a soul on the immaculate paths. The roads were quiet too… from the memorial to the civilians who died during the Japanese Occupation…

… past the beautiful National Gallery…
and all the way up to…

… the National Museum which is definitely worth visiting if you’re in the city.

The front of the building is far more beautiful but this is more entertaining.

It presents the history of Singapore in a way that demonstrates that life didn’t start here because of European discovery or arrival, and it does so in a way that is engaging and highly informative.

While I was here, I got a message from my friend Tm-Yi who I hadn’t yet met but we’d been occasionally chatting because of this blog.

Would I like to visit her 42nd floor office in the Central Business District to get some photographs of the city?

What do you think?

The management of the buildings in the Central Business District are being very cautious over Coronavirus.

I’d seen posters at the Museum and around town advising on precautions as well as passing a screen showing a bromance interaction that heavily involved the importance of hygiene: “We’ll get through this, bro. We’ve got each other.”

“As long as we wash our hands with soap and water.”

I know you think I’m making this up.

At the Central Business District, I was temperature screened and then signed a Coronavirus declaration – I haven’t been in contact with someone with the infection nor have I been to mainland China in the last 14 days.

Tm-Yi told me that many offices were quiet, not because it was Friday but because most companies are letting people work from home to limit spread of infection.

The city is phenomenally quiet.

The views from her office were amazing, even in the rain.

With plans to meet up later, I headed off.

One of my other reasons for visiting Singapore was the fact that I was desperate to see the Supertrees.

Some of my travel planning was informed by the fact that I love watching the endless repeats of ‘Inspector Morse’ and ‘Lewis’ on ITV 3 where “your evening’s entertainment is brought to you by Viking River Cruises” (when it’s not being brought to you by Stannah Stairlifts or LazyBoy).

One of their adverts featured the Supertrees and once I found out what and where they were, well they became a key part if the itinerary.

Was I disappointed when I finally got to the Gardens in the Bay? Not even slightly.

The Supertrees are as amazing as I thought they would be.

They’re a part of the longterm and continuing efforts to make Singapore a green city. Plants are weaving their way up the structures and eventually they will mirror the palms below.

I kind of like the unfinished look with the purple and green metalwork branching high above the gardens.

There is a lot to see in the Gardens and I arrived with the intention of visiting the Domes but I didn’t have time to do justice to the Gardens before meeting Tm-Yi for dinner later.

No matter… I would just have to come back. There’s going to be more on the Supertrees and the Gardens… I hope you’re prepared.

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