Days 203 and 204: The end?

There was no post yesterday as I was late back to the hostel.

This is going to be focused on coronavirus rather than an update on what I’ve been up to.

The border situation has been shifting rapidly over the last few days.

Cambodia appears to be open but with Thailand closing the majority of the land borders, Cambodia’s plans to stay open became somewhat challenged. The bus company (this afternoon) cancelled the bus journey I had booked for Tuesday.

With the reduction in the numbers of travellers, hostels are closing – while an empty hostel makes social distancing quite an easy task, it just isn’t viable for them to remain open with only one guest.

I’ve spent the weekend discussing the situation with other travellers – friends I’ve made on this trip.

Some have already returned to their home countries. Some are wondering what to do. Some are riding out the pandemic wherever they have ended up – visa allowing.

Some have discussed whether it is safer to remain away rather than return to the UK.

I’ve also discussed this with friends and family back home.

Last night the Governor of Bangkok closed the city’s restaurants as of today.

The city, as I’ve already posted, is quiet. Covid-19 posters are everywhere. Some of the temples have been closed since March 1st.

It is strange to be in a place noted for hustle and bustle while finding yourself wandering around in silence.

So, I’ve decided to return to the UK.

My flight is booked – less than 48hours until boarding.

I am not disappointed by this – it is futile to rail against reality.

I have had the most incredible journey: met wonderful people, some of whom I know I will be meeting for a beer, visited some utterly stunning places, been privileged to see astonishing animals in the wild and I’ve been lucky enough to experience the things that I have always wanted to do.

The last seven months have been remarkable. Deciding to quit and go travelling was the best decision I have ever made.

I’m not sure I can see myself planning another 12month trip but I can’t see me not heading off again. As one friend has pointed out, I have a civic duty to complete this.

Thank you for reading about my adventures… I obviously still have a couple of days left and my pessimism is increasing as I wonder if my flight will one, actually leave and two, take me with it.

So, this blog isn’t over yet! Plus, I may decide to regale you with tales from quarantine.

Stay safe.

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  1. Hi Fiona
    I’m sure this is the right thing to do
    Hope your flight goes as intended and that you can finish the journey in the future
    Best wishes

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    • Many thanks! If it doesn’t, it’ll give everyone something to read. Though I’d prefer a smooth flight. Thanks for reading.


  2. Hi Fiona
    I’m sure this is the right thing to do
    Hope your flight goes as intended and that you can finish the journey in the future
    Best wishes

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    • Hi, Richard
      Only just saw this message as it was trapped in the span folder. Everything went well.
      Hope you’re ok.


  3. It’s sad that it’s over for the moment but best to be safe. Hope it all goes well. It’s annoying when reality gets in the way.

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    • I agree completely. I don’t actually mind the trip being cut short because I’ve had the most amazing time. So, no complaints and no regrets. x

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  4. I´m going to quote you on that; “it is futile to rail against reality”. You are so right, it makes no sense at all. I´m sure your journey will take another path, just not this one. Have a safe flight to the UK.

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