Day 205: Pessimism

It is a bloody good job that I am a pessimist.

I swear it improves my resilience.

What has gone wrong you ask?

My flight… Somehow, I think we all knew it would.

Most of the airlines include whopping great warnings on routes where paperwork is needed or remove options where cities are now no go areas. Not this one. It’s a very well known international airline… not a cowboy outfit.

What I should have done was double check but I was so intent on getting any flight, I didn’t.

Lesson learned.

The first clue that there was actually a problem was when online check in didn’t result in a boarding pass (rather than when I started inserting my details and processing payment).

I did some checking and quickly spotted what had gone wrong… so, another flight… which started off twice as expensive and half way through inputting my details became four times as expensive.


However, I’ve checked the airline information, I’ve checked the Thailand Ministry of Health requirements, the rules for the country I’m transitting through and, at the time of writing, I’m ok.

Yes, just nervously checked Gmail, again, to verify that statement.

I’m not prepared to share what the route is just yet, in case it goes wrong, again but, it’s… well, it rather blows my commitment to reducing my flight carbon emissions out of the water.

So, today was to be my last day and I had a few things to do – postcard for my nephew, gifts for my nieces and nephew which will be posted on my return home… I’ve got you some quarantine-wear, kids – so I went out for a wander.

Maintaining physical distance is not an issue.

Most of the streets are incredibly quiet. Most of the temples, all of the museums and the Grand Palace has been closed. Viewing was from a distance…

…some further than others.

The cafes and restaurants are all closed with many surviving by switching to take away service, fortunately for me.

It was almost business as usual at vegetable market and flower market.

The flowers are there. The sellers are gathered at their stalls but there are no buyers.

People are keeping away.

The lady who runs the coffee stand up the road from my hostel has closed down. She told me last week that she was already struggling. When I passed by today, everything was under wraps.

These are not easy times for people reliant on tourism and the leisure economy.

Tomorrow… I think I’ll just spend a few hours sitting outside the airport until check in.

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  1. Thinking of you Fiona. Stay strong you trooper 😊

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