Around the World in 80 Cakes #25 Glasgow: The Corinthian Club

This update on my trip to Glasgow is indeed what could be described as a “bit late”. My last day in the city started with a text message from a friends asking if I’d seen the announcement of the invasion of Ukraine (no, so on went BBC Breakfast) and a glance out of the window provided a view of heavy snow.

Ambitious plans for striding quickly around the city were put on hold.

First: an excellent breakfast, at Cafe Ronzio nextdoor to Mother India’s Cafe…

…followed by a careful walk along the slushy pavements into the city centre…

Cameron Mackintosh wishes that someone had given him an umbrella.

…where I found a small gathering of people on George’s Square protesting Putin’s actions in Ukraine.

Starting small… From little acorns grow giant oaks.

There was an interview taking place and as the snow started to fall again I headed for GOMAThe Gallery of Modern Art. I love a terrible art gallery but sadly, this one wasn’t very terrible. There were various pieces in there that I really liked and I thought I was going to leave disappointed, until I spotted this:


Apparently, this reflects on women’s relationships with the body and the domestic environment.

I left and headed off for afternoon tea… and now, I am going to explain why this post is a little delayed. I really was not impressed with the afternoon tea and I don’t enjoy writing negative reviews, especially not when businesses are just starting to have a little more certainty during this pandemic.

But I’m not going to pretend I enjoyed it, either.

What I should have done was go to the Willow Tea Rooms on Sauchiehall Street or any of the other traditional tea rooms that I had actually spent time in during my few days in Glasgow. However, I didn’t because I had liked the look of this menu, belonging to The Corinthian Club, when I had carried out an online search for afternoon tea in the city.

What’s Not to Love?

This sounded delicious – an interesting and varied menu – and I booked. I selected for the vegan menu but requested no vegan cheese as it really disagrees with me. No problem.

It’s a stunning venue – big on bling and ostentation. The Club’s origins as a bank are marked in the name of the room where afternoon tea was served – The Tellers’ Brasserie and Bar.

The staff were friendly and the service was good.

Chin Chin

A glass of bubbly was poured while the afternoon tea was assembled at my table.

I’m not going to give this the usual plate-by-plate treatment I give to an afternoon tea because I was a little disappointed by how little it resembled the menu.

The savoury canapes were somewhat underwhelming though hot tomato soup on a snowy wintry day did hit the spot. I just thought the fried spring rolls (which tasted as if they were from a well known frozen food store rather than being made on premises) along with the olives-and-feta-on-a-stick seemed like a 1970s party food revival, and not in an ironic way.

Having said I couldn’t eat vegan cheese, I had not been expecting the sandwich fillings to be virtually all replaced with cheese. Yes there was a tomato and lettuce sandwich along with an egg mayonnaise offering but the plate did not match my expectations.

As for the dessert plate – the less said the better regarding the soggy pastry.

The scones? Well, for a start, there were two and this is always a win in my book, and they were served warm…and they didn’t crumble away to nothing when I cut them. One was plain and one flavoured with cinnamon – which was delicious.


So the scones were fab, the service was friendly, but when asked was it worth £33 my answer is: no, it really wasn’t. I haven’t included a link to the website as I really wouldn’t recommend it.

My other reason for delaying blogging about the Corinthian Club is that I’ve been waiting for about a week for a response from them since providing feedback (that they or at least their automated system requested).

If in Glasgow for afternoon tea, try Cup Tea (which I am reliably informed is excellent) or the Willow Tree Tea Rooms. If their breakfast is anything to go by, it won’t be disappointing.

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