About Me

Hi there. I’m Phileas Fiona (nickname created by a friend, but she needn’t think she’s getting any royalties).

At the grand old age of 42 (a number that Douglas Adams highlighted as being the answer to the meaning of life), I’ve resigned from my job, found a house and (more importantly) cat sitter and am heading off on a year’s worth of travel. Is this a midlife crisis? Have I booked the correct tickets? Will my visa applications be rejected? Is this this all going to go horribly wrong? Let’s find out.

I’ve worked in Public Health in the UK for the last 20 years so I’m keen to use my travels to observe some of what happens in other countries to improve the public’s health. I also love finding street art in the different cities I visit, so expect to see lots of photos of brightly coloured murals too. Oh, and there will probably be quite a lot of cake too – I quite like the idea of afternoon tea in every major city I visit.

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